Colour scheme tonight: #hella #neon


It’s so funny how everyone portrays Her Imperious Condescension as a formal, dignified, regal empress, and then you read her pesterlogs and 


Yes. So regal.


Look how queenly she is.


The epitome of royal behavior.




what if everyone in the world could manipulate one crab. and it was their soul crab and like if we sycnhronized our thoughts our crabs could work together as an army and overthrow evil governments but you could also use your crab for evil like to snip someone

it would be an interesting view into the hearts of humans, these soul crabs

It’s 2AM somewhere

crabs have no concept of time. only creation and destruction



This looks like a still from a gangster movie

"Guess it’s not your year, motherfucker."
Any tips on drawing mouths?
+ Anonymous




Oh gosh I will try

I do basic closed mouths like

altered pretty easily for parted lips

annnnnd teeth…

You can put as much or as little definition into your teeth as you like, but I go about halfway

And remember that it’s dark inside mouths, and that there’s a tongue in there. I’m terrible at tips, I’m sorry! Polararts has a much better tutorial haha.

Naw, teeth are helpful~ I forgot to mention how to do those. xD

lmao no matter what you do dont ask me to explain this hehe

doctor: sir we asked you to tape your allergic reactions this is just a video of you skateboarding
me: tell me thats not sick
doctor: haha yeah its pretty fucking sick dude
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